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The reader agrees that:

1. Half a month rent (VAT excluded) is due as broker costs for the rent of a room.

2. Half a month rent (VAT excluded) is due as broker costs for the rent of a studio, apartment, flat, single-family dwelling, townhouse on contracts from 3 to 5 months.You will get a so called “short stay”.Short stay contracts have different rules. You can never rent the room,studio or apartment longer than 6 months,due to the special short stay license of the governement. The owner has to pay tourist tax and v.a.t. on the rent.That is why “short stay” (max.6 months) is always more expensive than long stay (minimum 6 months).

3. A whole month rent (VAT excluded) is due as broker costs for the rent of a studio, apartment, flat, single-family dwelling, townhouse starting 6 months to a year contract..Short stay E 250,00 contractcost ex v.a.t.


5. From time to time we have special offers on our homepage for discounts on the broker costs for certain apartments or sometimes even without contractcosts. Please look them up on our homepage.

6. The contract costs have to be paid at the moment the space is accepted by the lessee and acceptance of the lessee by the owner;

7. Sometimes there is also a possibility to pay the broker costs in monthly parts . If this is the case, we charge an extra 5%.

8. The lessee must have enough demonstrable income at his/her disposal to pay the monthly rent or must have of enough means to pay the deposit and the entire rent for the whole (contractual) rental period;

9. The deposit amounts one or two months rent, depending on the owners wish ( normally 1 month for decorated space and 2 months for furnished ones) and has to be paid when the contract is signed, or else the lessee must have a bank guarantee at his or her disposal for the contractual rental period plus one month.

The deposit can not be used to cover up due rent.
All rental prices are in/excl. utillity bill`s.
On the day you move in, the place will be inspected together with you via an inventorylist in English.
All remarks must be written on that list and be signed for approval.
If you prefer to check the list yourself on a later date, you have to send it back to us, together with your remarks, dated and signed by you.
If you don’t return the list within one week after the date of moving in, we state that the list is correct;

Moving out: At the end of the contract you have to make an apointment for delivery of the place to return it and deliver the place in the state you received it ,to return the keys and check the inventory list again. Damage or cleaning costs,will be deducted from the deposit. Deposit will be returned within one month after departure.

Late delivery:For every day the tenant stays longer than his contract ends ,the tenant have to pay E 225,00 for every day he delivers the place later than the end of the contract. (illegal stay) 

10. We cannot reserve any accomodation without a downpayment. If, after having paid this downpayment, the lessee annuls the accomodation, the downpayment paid to Briefcase Hometip expires. It is not possible to appeal for reimbursement of the downpayment;

11. The addresses offered by Briefcase Hometip can only be rented through Briefcase Hometip. Promises made by third parties, not indicated as Briefcase Hometip personnel are not recognized by Briefcase Hometip and not as such remunerated;

12. Free Offer
The inspection of each accomodation, offered by us, must be considered as a free offer. No rights can be derived from such an inspection. Only after approval by Briefcase Hometip and/or the owner, a contract may be signed, if the conditions mentioned on the registrationform are met.

13. For Purchase/Sale, Searchorder or Offer for officespace, find that information under the chapter “sales-purchase”

14. Liability and indemnification
Brief Case Hometip ( hereafter called BCH) is not liable for the content of the website, nor of that of websites that are connected in anyway to the a BCH website, by means of hyper(text)s for example, or metatag(s). Nor is BCH liable for any damage stemming from or in relation to the use or the inability of use of material that is available on its website or is received through cookies. BCH is not liable for (the content of the) services and/or information from third parties that is offered in anyway through a website of BCH.

Nor is BCH liable for damage resulting from the use of electronic means for communication with this website, including – but not limited to – damage as a result of non-delivery or delays in the delivery of electronic messages, interception or manipulation of electronic messages by third parties or by programs/equipment used for electronic communication and transmitting viruses. The above-given limitations of liability lapse if the damage is intentional or the result of gross negligence.

BCH does not guarantee that any of the information provided on its website(s) is up-to-date, complete and/or accurate. Nor does BCH guarantee that any of the information provided on its website(s) is without errors, deficiencies and/or viruses. Nor does BCH guarantee that such errors and/or deficiencies on its website(s) will be repaired or that the viruses will be removed.

In case of doubt about the accuracy of the information or if inaccuracies are found, we advise you to make contact with the source of the information in question (usually the selling estate agent). BCH is not responsible either for any damage stemming directly or indirectly from the use of information gained from BCH.

You indemnify BCH from any damages resulting from claims of third parties concerning infringement or non-observation of the Conditions, or from claims that otherwise are related to or stem from your use of its website(s).

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