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We are specialized in supporting foreigners/expats who want to buy a property in the Netherlands. We can guide you through the whole process:
– The search for a house or apartment that match your enquieries
– Negotiations with the seller about prices within your budget
– Research on the property details, like listings,govermental rules etc.
– Tax rules for foreigners and taxation reports
– Financing (Making arrangements for the mortgage) Mortgage conditions
– Arranging and accompany the notary visits for the temporary and final deeds.
– Arranging alterations (if needed) of the purchased apartment or house.
– Other foreign affairs
– If you want to buy a property for investment we can manage it for you and take care of the tenants and maintenance during your absence. Also for firmspace.

General Info

When you buy a house in the Netherlands you have to deal with aprox. 8 % extra costs on the purchase price. -2% for real estate goverment tax and 6% as additional costs for registration , notary/sollicitor, cadastrial rights, broker, mortgage etc.. – 10% downpayment within 14 days after the so called “temporary” deed.

The Notary

We like to point out here, that a notary here in the Netherlands is not just a clerk, but a very well appreciated authority and is a sollicitor as well as a notary. So 2 qualifications in one person. He/she is also capable (most of them) to explain the contracts you are signing ( the dutch law is applicable, so you have to sign a dutch contract) in English, so you will know what you are signing and besides that, we are always present to guide you through the process and translate for you if necessary.
The procedure:
– first we have to know what your budget is.
– How much money you have present and how much mortgage you need.
– The reason of use to buy property.Do you want to live in it yourself or do you buy for an investment and rent it out.
– The reason that we like to know your budget first, is because we like to avoid the situation that you like a house/apartment, spend a lot of time on that subject and finally discover that you cannot afford to buy it.
– Hereafter we start searching for you within your budget.
– The rapporting procedure can be different due to your personal situation.
– When you are allready here in the Netherlands we send you by e-mail or fax the recent offers and if you like the discription you can visit the place outside and see its enviremont.
– If you still like the place we make an appointment for you to visit the place inside together with us.
– If you are still interested we start negotiations about the price and other conditions.
– when you are abroad we can send you the offers by e-mail and if you like the description we can visit the house for you, make digital pictures inside and outside the house and send them to you by e-mail.You study on them and if you still like the house there are 2 possibilities.
1. you book a ticket to fly over to see the house in person and after that we start the negotiations.
2. you let us do the negotiations about the price without your presents and we buy it by proxy for you.
For a number of persons, special the americans (its a long flight) we purchased there house in this way, also arranged the alterations and the furniture in the house (pictured and choosen by e-mail) and when they finally came over we never had a disappointed client.They all loved it.
– When that has come to a verbal agreement we make an appointment with the notary to put all the terms and conditions we verbal agreed into a so called “temporary deed” which is not temporary at all.
– The reason why we call it so, is because it is a step in between the verbal agreement and the transfer deed.

The Deeds

– In the “temporary deed” the notary writes down all the terms and conditions both parties want, but also the legal terms and obligations both parties have.
– The sellers has to declare for instance that there are no special items that can leed to devaluation of the house, that all the apparatus, installation, pipes, tubes, electricity etc. work properly.That there is no polution in the ground you buy and a lot of other things.
– The buyer has to prove that he will do his utmost best to get a mortgage against reasonable conditions and that he will accept the house on the date of delivery that both parties agreed.We advise to do this upfront ,to avoid ,that you are looking for a house you canot afford.
– There is also an unbinding clause of financing. Within a couple of weeks you have to find out if you can get a mortgage or not.We can arrange that for you.
– Also there will be made a list of things that will stay in the house due to our negotiations. In principe you buy an empty house.Only the things that are really nailed to the house or built in, belongs in the purchaseprice. Anything else you want to stay in the house, you have to negotiate about.
– After a couple of weeks when we have organized the mortgage we go again to the notary for the transfer deed.
– Before we pay this visit we go first to the house you have purchased and inspect everything in the house if it is delivered as it is stated in the temporary deed. (Is everything properly working,is everything of the list of the things that stays in the house are still there, is nothing missing etc.)
– When we are satisfied we go to the notary sign the transfer deed. The money will be paid to the seller and you will get the keys of the house.

The mortgage

The mortgage on the house will be given on 2 items.
1. your income in the Netherlands.
2. the value of the house.

1.To start with your income:to get a mortgage, you have to prove your income For expats no problem, because you start working in the Netherlands and can produce a salary slip or a statement for a yearly income. If you work independent, then we need a statement of your tax return. To give you an indication:The maximum mortgage you can get is about 5 times your brute yearly salary.

2. For the value of the house you need a taxation report.We can also arrange that. A reassurance is, that if the value does not meet the purchase price, you will never get a mortgage. The taxation report also states the condition of the house. If your enquiery for a mortgage has been granted, most of the times the mortgagebank also take care of the 10 % downpayment. If you do not get a mortgage ,you need two letters of different banks to prove at the notary that you did your utmost best to get one , to make use of the unbinding clause.

Of course there is a lot more to tell. Expats can have special tax deduction of 30% for the reason they have a home to take care of in another country. There is a possibility if you don’t have a job in the Netherlands but have a house in your own country to raise the mortgage there, use that as a down payment and take little mortgage of 40 to 50% of the purchase price here. The interest rates are quit low to compare with other countries and even the price of making structural alterations in the house can be financed. Also we have a lot of different types of mortgages based on insurance, stocks, savings, etc. The mortgage is for 30 years, but the interestrates can be fixed for 6 months,12 months,1 year, 5 years, 10,15,20 etc..

Cost broker: Advise costs about real estate issues E 85,00  hour excl.21% value-added tax.

Guidance on the entire purchase process of a house or apartment, depending on the duration and the difficulty factor of the process, between 1 and 2 % of the purchase price excluding 21% value- added tax .

We hope we gave you a first proper impression and feel free to contact us under nr. 020-6254443 or 0611612612

If you want to use us as your broker pls. fill in the mailform and send it to us and we will keep in touch with you as soon as possible.
Have a nice day.

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